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Ultra Trail Race Nutrition

On April 1, 2017, I had the distinct privilege of being half of my husband's support crew for the Georgia Death Race (GDR). The GDR is a 68ish-mile trail race from Vogel State Park to Amicalola Falls State Park. This year's "68ish" miles totaled about 74 miles. Runners are given 24 hours to complete the course with cut-off times at certain points. In other words, if you don't make it to a certain station by a certain time, you are escorted off the course & do not finish. Runners were given an option this year to start one hour early, giving them 25 hours to complete the course. My husband, Mike, chose this option, so he had to check in at 3:30 AM with a 4:00 AM start time. Yes, it was approp

Eat Well and Prosper: The Inaugural Blog Post

So, here it is! My first blog post! Over the years, I have written several articles for magazines, papers, websites, and my own Positive Nutrition site. But I have hesitated to start a blog because I felt it would be too much of a responsibility that I would not have time to uphold. I also wondered if I would really want my articles to be archived. Nutrition research is constantly changing, and do I want my current recommendations to be public when they may change in a few years? However, I have recently been forced to update my website through a change in my site services. When the blog page appeared as an option, I reconsidered. Now that I have been a dietitian for almost 15 years and have

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