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Julie C.H. Brake, MS, RDN, LD

Owner/Registered Dietitian

As an essential health care provider, Positive Nutrition is open for business and able to hold in-person sessions. Online telehealth and phone sessions are also offered. Please contact us for details.


Feeling down about your body or your eating habits?
Looking for help to build a better and stronger body?
Working on being healthier?
Positive Nutrition is here to serve you!

Popular eating recommendations today are not personalized and are often not managed by a dietitian. A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) is a trained professional who can help you assess individual and/or family needs and achieve personal nutrition goals.
Meet Julie

Julie has been an RDN for since 2002 and has been in private practicesince 2005. She provides nutrition counseling and education services for a variety of needs. She works with clients of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds. It is her goal to help everyone eat well by balancing intake and following the body's natural cues.

Nutrition Counseling & Education


Positive Nutrition provides individual and family nutrition counseling, consultation services, presentations and workshops. Julie's specialty practice areas are family nutrition, sports nutrition, intuitive eating, and prevention and treatment of disordered eating.

Positive Nutrition Tips & Blog


Find timeless tips and articles here. Some recipes are included for your enjoyment. Blog articles include professional and personal perspectives on balanced eating.