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Fees for Services

Consultations may be paid for on a per-session basis, or more economic Positive Nutrition Package Plans are available.  Arrangements may be made for payment in installments for Package Plans.  First-time appointments are billed as an Initial Session and last approximately one hour.  Follow-up Sessions last about 30 minutes.  It is recommended that every client schedule at least one Follow-up Session, usually within one to two weeks after the Initial Session.  If a client or family enrolls in a Package Plan and wishes to continue with sessions after the Plan is completed, continuation pricing is available.


For Individuals

Initial Session (1 hour): $190
Follow-Up Sessions (30 minutes): $90 each

6-Session Plan (1 Initial & 5 Follow-Ups): $570

12-Session Plan (1 Initial & 11 Follow-Ups): $1,050

Priority Plan, 24 Sessions (approximately 6 months of weekly sessions): $2,000

For Families

Initial Session (1.5 hours): $300
Follow-Up Sessions (45 minutes): $150 each

​Family Nutrition Plan (1 Family Initial & 3 Family Follow-Ups): $700


Classes & Presentations

Price determined by time and/or travel involved.
Standard base fee is $300 for a one-hour presentation, plus travel expenses.

Positive Nutrition prefers payment by cash or check,
but also accepts major credit cards
(MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover).

Please note that if a Package Plan is purchased, a follow-up session must be completed within 90 days of the previous session unless a mutual agreement is reached between the dietitian and the client.  Any sessions scheduled over 90 days after the previous session will be billed as a separate term of service, beginning with a new "Initial" Session.

Positive Nutrition does not file directly with health insurance carriers. For more information, please see the FAQ section on the About page of this site.

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